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I am Journal


December 13th, 2011

There's something about Christmas music: @ 08:01 am

There's something about Christmas music. Something comforting and ancient. The words are old and worn, but precious and not often used. The harmonies are no longer popular, but still accepted.

There's something about Christmas music that always takes us back to our childhoods. So it is with our parents, and thus we travel back in time to a cultural place where winter was a harsh reality, and the simple joys of seeing loved ones being fed and housed together meant that maybe, just maybe they'd all make it through the cold.

There's something about Christmas music that reflects the dichotomy of the cold world around us, and the warmth that humans provide for each other. In spite of our shortcomings, we somehow band together in the long nights and look to the coming Spring.

There's something about Christmas music that reminds me of the parts of my childhood that I never wanted to leave behind, and as such, want to provide for the children I might have.

Regardless of your religion or creed, there's always Christmas music, and the subtle strength of our ancestors who prevailed against stark realities to protect and provide for us, the heirs of human history.

There's something about Christmas music that I wish I could share with everyone, and it's this: I love you all. Stay warm.

Merry Christmas to all,

May 21st, 2011


What are you all going to be doing when 6pm rolls around in your area?  Christ is going to return to THE EARTH (one time-zone per hour, I suppose) TO GOBBLE UP YOUR SOUL, OR LEAVE YOU DOING WHAT YOU DECIDED TO DO DURING THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

So... If you get left behind, it's basically like talking to your friend in a crowded place and realizing that he or she stopped to look at something two minutes ago and you've been yammering on and on like a tweaker for two whole minutes.

Jesus is like that friend, and you should just unfriend that histrionic durk.

March 20th, 2011

Oh shit, what did I just do?! @ 10:28 am

I just proposed to a girl.  She said yes.  Her name is Toni, and she can cook (as evidenced here):
Mmmmm, pot roast.....

No wedding bells for another year, or so, but we're thinking about having it in Modesto.  Everyone's invited and all that!

November 7th, 2010

Writer's Block: A real eye opener @ 07:05 pm

Which one book should everyone read, and why?

Still Life With Woodpecker
by Tom Robbins.  Just read the fucking thing.

Back to LA! @ 06:22 pm

I'm going south for a week.  Woohoo!

October 28th, 2010

The Book of Job(s) @ 01:15 pm

Blackcurrant Mood: predatory ffuuuuuu...

Looking for a job sucks. 

We all know that, and we all go through the same horrible slog of applications, resumes, and pretending to be excited to work for different types of turds.  However, looking for a job can be insane, too!  Let's take a look at what I went through this October:

I turned in an application to a local business called Cheap Thrills/Captain Nemo's/The Sub.  It's all owned by the same dude, but they all market different things.  They needed a shipper/receiver and I have lots of experience there.  Great!

The same day, I passed by a place being retrofitted with posters out front:  DO YOU LIKE BOOKS?  DO YOU LIKE COFFEE?  APPLY!  I happen to like both so I walked in and talked to the owner and got his email address.  We corresponded and he told me when to meet: Saturday at 11am.  I had to work, but I managed to move my lunch an hour early to make it.  Check out what this doucheback did.Collapse )

Then, my girlfriend's uncle called with a job that same day!Collapse )

So now I'm leaving that behind and watching THE WORLD SERIES, BIATCHES!  YAY GIANTS!
Yeah, I know!

October 24th, 2010


Fuck you, Chuck Norris!

October 14th, 2010

Life is Beautiful. @ 11:20 pm

Blackcurrant Mood: hyper whoa


August 4th, 2010

Whoa! @ 02:36 pm

Someone dropped Prop 8!  Gonna have some angry fundamentalists looking through the sofa cushions...

July 31st, 2010

The Joy and Pain of Living DownTown @ 07:26 pm

I live in downtown SLO.

What's great about this town is that it is equal parts Modesto and Santa Cruz.  It's in an agricultural valley in the middle of two regions, it's a university town, it's conservative and it's liberal.  It's also the most fucked up normal town in California.

The place was founded by monks in the 1700s and ended up being the sprawl of Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University).  So you can see equal parts [normal] and equal parts [insane].  Daily life here is a kaleidoscope of successful people mixing it up with the lunatics of fringe society in a mosaic of fun.

You might meet someone who helped Clinton get elected as president, or you may be obligated by a bipolar drunk to put a gold dollar under the insole of your shoe for luck.  You may get into a conversation with a person about the intricacies of both feeding the United States with the standards of food production versus actual nutrition of the general public, or you may meet someone who has just had a stroke and still tries to fight off paramedics.

You might climb Madonna Peak--or from the city floor, see someone dancing naked atop the giant M on its side--and resign yourself to the wonder of this town.

Yes, living in downtown SLO may have its wonderments, but there is a downfall.   Yes.

At 2AM, you are regaled to Justin Bieber as someone changes their license plate frames in the church parking lot.  At 6AM, you are given a soliloquy by the woman who stops you on the sidewalk to scream at you thusly: GET YOUR MUTHAFUCKIN HANDS OFF ME YOU PERVERT!!! EAT SHIT AND GET AIDS YOU PIECEOFSHIT!  SUCK MY COCK YOU FAGGOT (forgetting she is a female)!!!!!!!!!!

Otherwise, SLO is a treat!  I recommend visitation.

I am Journal